Ailimpo confirms a lemon production of 1,115,000 tonnes in Spain for the season 2017/2018

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The figure reflects a production decrease of 3.7% with regards to the previous season


Fino lemon indicates a production increase of 12%

The lemon harvest estimate provided by the Lemon and Grapefruit Inter-professional Association (Ailimpo) for the 2017/2018 season, confirms a harvest of 1,115,000 tonnes in Spain. The figure reflects a reduction in production of 3.7% with respect to the result obtained the previous season, which ended on the 31st of August with 1,157,800 tonnes.

According to varieties, an increase of 12% is expected in the case of Fino lemon, with an expected total harvest of 907,000 tonnes. The increase in this variety is due to the entry into production of new plantations. However, in the case of Verna lemon, a decrease of 40% is estimated due to the high temperatures that affected flowering in May and June, so its harvest forecast stands at 208,000 tonnes. However, important flowering has developed during September in “rodrejos” lemon, so the harvest volume available for the summer months will be quantified in Ailimpo’s next harvest forecast report.

The Spanish Fino lemon season started in the last week of September and will continue to develop gradually. Water and weather are the two factors that are currently conditioning the output and there will be a limited availability of commercial sizes in the first weeks of the season.


According to Ailimpo, the global figure for lemon production in Spain surpasses one million tonnes and will once again allow the sector to consolidate its export volume to European Union markets this coming season. In addition, it will also meet the growing demand of the Spanish consumer and relaunch exports to markets in third countries outside the EU such as the Middle East, Canada or Brazil, thus increasing and diversifying its export destinations as initiated by the export sector a few years ago.

With these figures, during the season 2017/2018, Spain will continue to consolidate its predominant commercial position in Europe, where it maintains an unquestionable leadership with a good quality lemon, health safety guarantee and an excellent service.

On the other hand, this harvest volume will enable the normal development of the lemon industry, an activity in which Spain ranks second in the world and plays a key and determining role with regards to regulating the supply and the market’s balance.

The completion of field notebooks, GlobalGAP certifications, GRASP, the sector’s compromise to sustainability programmes, and the use of standard contracts approved by the Ministry of Agriculture that enable growers to comply with Law 12/2013 regarding measures to improve the functioning of the food chain, will be some of the key factors this season.

The Inter-professional Lemon and Grapefruit Association will update the harvest forecast on January 25th, paying special attention to the Verna lemon estimate.