Cherry heads the fall of prices at origin

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Prices for stone fruit also fall significantly and stand at levels that are well below those recorded last year.

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Cherry was the product that reduced its value most during week 20.

Cherry was the fruit that most reduced its value during week 20 (from 15th to 21st May 2017), since its price at origin stood at 188.57 euros/100 kg, around 39.97% lower than the average value recorded during the previous seven days.

The latest national agricultural average prices, which are published weekly by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (Mapama), also show “very significant reductions in stone fruit”, the values of which are “well below last year’s figures.”

The average price at origin for apricot decreases by 27,30% to 41,41 euros/100 kg, when the first batches recorded in week 18 reached 84.82 euros/100 kg. The price of peach descends by only 0.35% this week, and stands at 54.94 euros/kg, but these figures are far from the 126.76 euros/kg reached during week 17.

On a positive note, the Ministry’s analysis highlights asparagus for its huge increase (308.23 euros/100 kg, 62.42% more), after being affected by price increases in the markets of Granada.

In vegetables, the Mapama registers falls in almost all major products, such as courgette (20.65 euros/100 kg, –37.40%), cucumber (16.15 euros/100 kg, –28.64 %), smooth round tomato (25.73 euros/100 kg, –26.14%) and aubergine (32.24 euros/100 kg, –20.31%).

The price at origin for potato (37.51 euros/100 kg, –13.72%) continues on a downward trend. This started a few weeks ago in parallel to the normal supply increase that usually occurs at this stage in the season.

In seeded fruit, the price of Golden apple increases by 14.17% (39.92 euros/100 kg) and in citrus Navel Powell orange decreases 6.25% (37.50 euros/100 kg), while the average price for Verna lemon increased by 2.03%, to stand at 67.70 euros/100 kg.