Citrus production in Andalucía increases by 12.3% this year

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Andalucía’s citrus harvest has reached a volume of 2,094,274 tonnes this season


75% of the production corresponds to sweet orange. / Junta of Andalucía

Citrus production in Andalucía during the 2016-2017 season surpassed a volume of two million tonnes, according to data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development after its completion. This production specifically amounted to 2,094,274 tonnes, 1.67% more on the first estimate provided this season and 12.3% higher than the volume obtained last year. The increase is partly due to the fact that weather conditions this spring have favoured the production of these fruits and that there have been no problems during the fruit setting process.

Andalucía accounts for 31% of the total citrus production volume in Spain (6.7 million tonnes) and ranks second in the national ranking after the Comunidad Valenciana (3.8 million tonnes).

Andalucía’s largest production output has again been registered in Sevilla with 823,987 tonnes, this was followed by Huelva (541,648 tonnes), Córdoba (271,766) and Almería (216,685 tonnes). In these provinces, production increases have been noted with regards to the previous season, specially in Córdoba (18.8%) and Sevilla (17.7%). In Huelva the increase was of 14.73% and in Almería of 2.82%. Production also increased in Cádiz, where citrus production reached 66,121 tonnes (+8.24%), a figure that in Granada stood at 27,218 tonnes, which more than doubles the volume of the previous year. In the case of this last province, the volume was exceeded by more than 50% on the initial estimate. Meanwhile, Málaga gathered a total of 146,850 tonnes, which represent a decrease in relation to the previous season (–18%).


Sweet orange

75% of the citrus production in Andalucía corresponds to sweet orange. The figure of 1.5 million tonnes (1,582,683) has been surpassed this season, meaning 19% more output than in 2015-2016.

As for mandarin, this fruit has seen its production reduced by 7.7%, although the initial estimates have been exceeded by 1.4%. In total, 356,838 tonnes of this fruit were harvested.

Regarding other citrus fruits, lemons have registered good harvest figures, with 114,151 tonnes, grapefruit (24,386 tonnes) and bitter orange (10,343 tonnes). The rest of the production refers to other citrus such as limes and poncirus.