Spain expects a record production of garlic

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Planasa Ajo

The production of garlic could reach 220,000 tonnes this season.


Good initial prospects for the Spanish garlic season.

The director of the National Association of Garlic Producers and Traders (Anpca), Luis Fernando Rubio, estimates that the climatic conditions and the increase of the cultivated area allocated to this crop will result this year in a “record harvest” that could amount to 220,000 tonnes.

Rubio has confirmed the good performance of prices at origin early in the season. The latter began recently in Andalucía —mainly in Cordoba, Sevilla, Málaga and Almería— and it is already reaching some producing areas of Castilla-La Mancha.

“The short 2016 season in China due to phytosanitary and climatological problems, quickly reduced stocks of Spanish garlic, so the market is waiting for the new crop to arrive and cover the existing demand,” explained Luis Fernando Rubio.

The managing director of Anpca agrees with the latest figures provided by the Ministry of Agriculture regarding the total cultivated area allocated to garlic, which amounts to a total extension of 23,300 hectares, 10.8% more, as a result of growers turning to the early variety “spring”, that has a very good performance.

According to their data, the production in 2016 increased from the 203,300 tonnes forwarded by the ministry of Agricutlture, Mapama, to 210,000 tonnes, of which 162,622 tonnes (77.1%) were sold in international markets. Spanish garlic exports increased in the past year by 9% with regards to 2015, for a value of 375.5 million euros (+55%).

This year, garlic producers and exporters want to “consolidate the recovery of the market share in countries like the United States,” where they have multiplied by ten the export of 1 billion tonnes reached three years ago, he explained.

Luis Fernando Rubio has also expressed his satisfaction over the results obtained by the agreement signed between Anpca and the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in June 2016, which is now the reason for shipments of Spanish garlic to have increased from 931 tonnes in 2015 to 14,789 in 2016.

“The good prospects depend on how the season develops in Spain and on how it develops in China, whose first batches will reach the European Union by mid-June,” said the managing director of Anpca.