Spanish and European stone fruit productions recover their productive potential

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Agro-Food Cooperatives, forecasts a production of 1,766,656 tonnes, which means a harvest increase of 7.3%

Agro-Food Cooperatives of Spain predict a normal harvest volume of an optimum quality and calibre.

The stone fruit harvest forecast in Spain for 2017 provided by Agro-Food Cooperatives of Spain, indicates that production will reach 1,766,656 tonnes. This estimate reflects an increase of 7.3% on last year and 16% with regards to the average reached in the last five seasons.

According to fruit types, nectarine continues to have the largest volume, with an estimated 585,302 tonnes (+9.3% in relation to 2016). It is followed by Paraguayan peach with 314,247 tonnes (+12.3%) and for the first time, the latter has overtaken peach and clingstone peach, both of which expect a harvest of 308,922 tonnes (+6.6%) and 305,011 tonnes (+9.8%). Plum also recovers the level of production reached in 2015, with 150,333 tonnes (+7%) and apricot decreases to 102,841 tonnes.


Aragón and Cataluña

According to this forecast, the two main Spanish producing regions, Aragon and Cataluña, would register overall increases of 9% and 13%, respectively, reaching a production of 563,002 tonnes and 421,420 tonnes. These volumes could be reached as a result of how the Paraguayan peach and nectarine productions have developed in these two autonomous communities, together with the recovery of two fruits, clingstone peach in Aragon and peach in Cataluña.

In the remaining regions, it is worth mentioning the recovery of plum production in Extremadura (up by 11%), apricot production in both Aragon and Cataluña —not so in Murcia, the main producing region that has been affected by several problems related to quality and ripening— and the increase in Murcia’s peach production, which would increase by 30%, thus returning to 2015 production levels.


European forecasts

According to data presented in Europech by Italy, Spain, Greece and France, the estimated peach, Paraguayan and nectarine harvest in Europe for 2017 would reach 3,065,835 tonnes.

This volume would represent an increase of 11% in relation to 2016 and 3% when compared to the average of the last five seasons. The clingstone peach production would also increase to 827,183 tonnes (31% with regards to 2016).

Spain (1,513,482 tonnes) would exceed Italy in terms of production, which would stand at 1,336,209 tonnes (+6% with regards to 2016). France would experience a similar increase (+3%, standing at 214,327 tonnes). It is worth highlighting the significant production increase in Greece, which has announced increases in peach and nectarine of up to 390,000 tonnes (more than twice the output obtained in 2016) and up to 439,000 tonnes of clingstone peach (+57%).