Good agricultural field prices for citrus in Andalucía

Gregal abril 2021
Fedemco 2021 01
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Lemon, orange and mandarin register better values at origin than last season


Lemon, orange and mandarin prices at origin increase their values by 24%, 17% and 2% respectively. / VF

In general, average field prices for Andalucían citrus are good with regards to previous seasons. Better values are augured as a result of a lower volume of production and the optimum quality of the fruit. In this line, the high values registered by orange in the juice processing industry, are to be noted after reaching figures of 0.25 euros/kg in recent weeks, probably due to the orange harvest decrease in America.

The monitoring report on the citrus sector, published by the Junta of Andalucía, points out that the low temperatures registered in recent weeks have forwarded this season’s late varieties. This is the case for unpicked Navelate orange, which in the first week of the year was quoted between 0.23 and 0.30 euros/kg. In addition to this, except in some areas of Andalucía, the end of the Navelina season must be added. On the other hand, lemon rates oscillate within a wide range of prices depending on the size and quality of the fruit and these stand between 0.30 and 0.45 euros/kg.

In general, and according to the report by the Junta of Andalucía, the average prices reached by unpicked citrus in 2017/18, are higher than those of obtained in the previous season. Particularly when comparing the average value reached between week 49 of 2017 and the first week of 2018 with the same period in 2016/17, we conclude that lemon, orange and mandarin increase their values by 24%, 17% and 2% respectively.

While average field prices for citrus are reaching optimum values for farmers, crop handling plants hardly manage to increase the average prices for handled and packaged fruit due to the pressure received from large distributors, so handling plants are only able to obtain a lower profit margin compared to previous years. In the storehouse, average prices for orange and mandarin are expected to increase in the next few days due to incoming late varieties that are of a higher commercial value.

Taking into account the average storehouse prices that outgoing packaged citrus fruit reached last season, in general, the average value obtained by handled Fino lemon and orange, between week 49 of 2017 and week 1 of 2018, decreased by 17% and 7% respectively, with regards to the same period in 2016/17. On the other hand, average prices for handled mandarin will generally see an overall increase of 11%.