Prices for citrus at origin increase in Andalucía

Gregal abril 2021
Fedemco 2021 01
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The average rates for citrus continue to maintain higher values than those reached last season


The price for citrus in Andalucía continues to rise.

Average prices for orange and mandarin in Andalucía increased in the second week of 2018 with regards to the previous week. Specifically, and according to the citrus sector’s monitoring report, published by the Observatory of Prices and Markets of the Junta of Andalucía, orange increases its average value by 35% (0.31 euros/kg) and mandarin by 27% (0.38 euros/kg), while the price for Fino lemon stabilises at 0.39 euros/kg. In general, field prices for these fruits tend to rise and this trend is expected to continue as a result of the harvest of later varieties of oranges and mandarins, whose organoleptic properties and harvesting period allows them to obtain a higher commercial value in the market.

Average prices continue to maintain higher values than those reached in the previous season. In particular, the average value reached by orange and lemon in the second week of 2018 was higher than that registered during the same week in 2016/17. The same does not apply to mandarin, although prices are expected to maintain an upward trend and reach similar values to those recorded in the previous season.

On the other hand, the average prices reached by citrus upon leaving the handling plant in the second week of 2018, although they continue to follow an upward trend, they also continue to increase at a lower rate than the average prices obtained on the field. The Junta’s report shows that the average price for orange increases by 19% in relation to the last few days, partly due to the higher marketed volume of Lanelate oranges, and partly to the volume decrease in Navelinas oranges. The average price for mandarin during the week analysed, also increases with regards to the first week of the year, although it does so to a lesser extent, approximately 4%. By contrast, average prices for Fino Lemon remain at the same level without major changes.

If these same rates are analysed with regards to those registered the same weeks in 2016/17, it is observed that they follow the same trend over the last month. In other words, the values reached by lemon and orange upon leaving the handling plant are lower by 16% and 2%, respectively than those registered the previous year. While the average price for packaged mandarin continues to be 10% higher than the average value reached in the same week of the season in 2016/17.