A tornado damages 200 hectares greenhouse crops in El Ejido

Gregal abril 2021
Fedemco 2021 01
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According to initial estimates, the damages caused by the tornado in El Ejido exceed 40 million euros


The tornado caused severe damage on some 200 hectares of greenhouse crops as it went through El Ejido. / COAG ALMERÍA

At least 200 hectares of fruit and vegetable greenhouse crops in El Ejido (Almeria) suffered significant damage after a tornado made its way through this western area of Almeria last Saturday.

The mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, who accompanied the Minister of Agriculture during his visit to the area, said that, “It is a dramatic situation for those farmers who have been affected.” In fact, according to a first estimate carried out by technicians, “We are talking about 200 hectares of severely damaged crops and not only the production but also their greenhouses.”

Góngora explained that, although it is only provisional data, “following a calculation of about 15 euros/square metre of greenhouse area, to which the greenhouse production should be added, we can say that losses amount to about 40 million euros.”

“The first thing that should be done is an assessment that quantifies the damage caused,” said Góngora, who asked those affected to “address both, the Technical Office of the City Council or the Agrarian Regional Office to receive advice and carry out an evaluation of the situation.”

For his part, the regional minister for Agriculture of Andalucía, Rodrigo Sánchez Haro, during his visit to the affected area, made his support known to farmers who have suffered some damage to their greenhouses and crops, and emphasised the importance of all the administrations working together from now on, in order to obtain an accurate assessment of the damages as soon as possible.

“The first step that must be taken is to assess the damage rigorously and seriously, that is what we all have to do now, both on behalf of farmers and all administrations.” In this regard, he noted that the Regional Ministry of Agriculture “has already made itself available to those affected” in order to undertake the tasks that will provide “an exact figure of the damages that have occurred as soon as possible. Plus, all administrations have to commonly look for the necessary formulas to solve the problems generated by this tornado.”

Rodrigo Sanchez Haro urged farmers “to assess the damages before repairing anything,” because at this particular time, it is paramount to “have proof of the harm done to everything with objective data.” “From thereon, we will have to see the possible solutions that the different administrations can make available, because this is something that concerns us all: the central government, regional governments and the different town halls of each municipality,” said the head of Agriculture.